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Healt Partners

Becoming a Health Partner

If you need further help to create a truly healthy life, then this is the place to get it. I don't work on patients or clients, I work with partners, Health Partners, where you and I work together to find solutions that work for you. I do require some testing and in-depth questioners to get to the real, deep understanding of the situation, all of which I will share with you and give you an in-depth explanation of what is going on, so that we both have the information on what needs to be done. Then we both figure out the best way to reach your health goals.

This is how I work... first you request a health history intake form for you to fill out and send back. This will also include a diet journal form for what you eat in a week. I will review your forms and do a dietary analysis on what you have been eating for that week. You will get a copy of the analysis. For our initial meeting and going over your lab and medical reports as well as your personal information including creating a dietary analysis there will be a charge up front, payable when you send back the filled-out forms. The email accompanying the health history forms will give you the needed information to move forward and to make the payment.

After you have filled out your health history forms, you will be able to have a meeting and conversation with me. Each one-hour, one-on-one meeting also includes 2 emails for clarification afterwards. Unlike most popular health consultants, who just talk with you for an hour consultation, scan any information on you, and do nothing more...I do a lot of work in preparation and after your appointment to assure you are getting the information that will actually work for you. Everyone is different, and not every situation can be remedied by following a protocol. In fact, most situations do not work well with what others are doing, it has to be about you. 

Because of the extensive work I do to prepare for the initial meeting, including going over your history, your lab and other medical reports and making a dietary analysis, I charge $5,150 US.

If after our first meeting, you feel that you will need more work and individual help, we can continue with individual video meetings, which costs $525 US for each meeting.  You can also set up a schedule for multiple conferences within each month. If you need weekly conferences and weekly emails during a month, we can arrange that as well. A solution for what you need can always be worked out.

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Dietary Analysis

The dietary analysis report is an 8 page detailed evaluation of your diet. It looks at what kind of foods and how much these foods you are consuming. The report gives us a total breakdown of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, calories and other components of foods, like alcohol and caffeine. The report tells us about your strengths and where are the nutritional holes we need to shore up a bit. The dietary analysis gives me a greater understanding of where you are in your health journey and how better to achieve your health goals.

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Please expect some testing. Testing for nutrient quality and significance, toxic load, bodily functions, and gut microbiome are usually needed to understand what is truly going on. Guessing can take a massive amount of time and can lead to several mistakes. Dr. Trader feels that you need to be healthy as soon as possible instead of taking years to achieve what could be done in a fraction of the time it would be to do it without testing.

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